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Our Earth Candy Worm Castings are the freshest and most potent castings available. We carefully produce our castings from 100% fruit, vegetables and paper feed. We never use animal manure or animal products of any kind. Our castings are lab tested for quality and purity. All of our orders are harvested and packaged when the order is placed, ensuring freshness and potency.

10 Cup Small Bag, Plenty for 10 plants! $12.95 Free Shipping in US.
3 Gallon Medium Box $29.95 Free Shipping in US.
4 Gallon Large box $39.95 Free Shipping in US, buy 4 or more and save 10%

Cubic Yard Packaged in a Super Sac, and mounted on a Pallet, $700.00 Free Delivery in the Denver Metro! Paid Shipping available.

Other sizes available to fit any need, please call for pricing. Special pricing and packaging available for retailers wanting to stock our products. Additional savings available for local pick-up.

We sell Red Wiggler worms on a limited basis, call for pricing and available quantities.
To place an order please call 800-508-1856. PayPal available.
Thank you for all your help. If you have any questions please call or email me anytime.

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