Go Organic

Though there are several forms of organic gardening we have found that implicating vermiculture to your garden is the most powerful and effective way to feed your plants. Vermiculture is the use of earth worms to create compost & infrastructure for natural, organic fertilizers. Though there are many organisms that break down organic matter into compost, the earth worm is especially adapted to provide the microbial life necessary for proper plant health.

There are two primary ways to feed your plants the compost created by worms. First there is the actual compost. This matter is put directly in the soil to enrich it and to provide a steady, and balanced food source for your plants. Second there is vermi tea. Vermitea is a powerful liquid, organic brewed fertilizer that gives your plants a blast of nutrition! This highly aerobic brew is so powerful it can restore the health of a failing plant!

Benefits of vermiculture/vermitea:

  • Increases water retention in the root system.
  • Increases nutrient retention and absorption in the entire plant including the fruit or crop.
  • Helps breakdown dangerous toxins in the soil that damage roots, and stifle plant development.
  • Enhances the taste and appearance of fruits and vegetables.
  • Helps to extend the root system.
  • Protects damage roots by preventing invasive pathogens in the damaged area.
  • Balances the natural microbial life in the soil that support plant nutrition.
  • 100% natural and safe for the environment.
  • Will not “burn” plants or roots.
  • Protects the environment by eliminating dangerous fertilizer run-off that pollutes the water supply and has been known to cause cancer.
  • Impossible to over feed as it is completely natural and safe.

We have found through our years of research that traditional fertilizers cause a negative nutrition spiral in our soils and the soil food web. People add fertilizer because their soils lack nutrients. The chemicals in artificial fertilizers actually drive out more and more nutrients prompting the grower to add more fertilizers until finally we are left with poor soils, bland foods and a polluted environment. Much of the drive behind this insanity isn’t driven by science. Instead it is often pure marketing by giant chemical companies. They simply don’t care about the harm done to our environment or the malnourishment that plagues our society.

Through the use of our fully organic, carefully crafted plant fertilizers you can eliminate dependency on dangerous chemicals and you can cultivate the finest fruits and vegetables affordably. We believe you should “live by the seed of your plants.”

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