Welcome to Innovative Organic

Innovative Organic specializes in producing organic fertilizers that can do a lot of wonders when it comes to taking care of your plants. While the use of chemical fertilizers has been widely used, it has been proven that organic mixtures do not only benefits farmers, but also the environment as well.

Innovative Organic’s goal is to produce farm products that are healthy, safe and free from any chemical substances. We advocate using organic materials, that are safe for consumer consumption and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to revolutionize gardening and farming techniques by ending dependence on artificial fertilizers. We believe that by providing both powerful, natural alternatives, and insightful consultation, we can deliver results that are far superior and more affordable than chemical fertilizers. We believe ending our use of traditional fertilizers is the single most effective way to improve the environment for all wildlife while greatly improving the quality and yield of our crops.
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